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About the Leofortis Group

The word Leo is Latin for Lion. The lion is labeled as the king of the jungle. Fortis is Latin for "strong, brave, steadfast, courageous and physically powerful" and "not comparable".

These are the attributes that Leofortis Group embodies as a company and our people represent. We are an investment holdings company with investments spanning across energy, telecommunications, engineering, commodity trading and mining.

With a presence in South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and South Sudan we have a reach in various African markets and consolidating our market positions in these high growth countries as well as expanding our footprint and operations in other African countries where there are opportunities that are in line with the company's strategy and direction.

Our Mission

We aim to be a global company with a footprint in all the continents of the world investing in high growth innovative companies and providing value for shareholders and humanity at large.

Our Values

Hard work, Excellence, Value add, Integrity.