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Teseo Technology Systems (Pty) Ltd wholly owned by Leofortis Group (Pty) Ltd is a company incorporated in South Africa in the telecommunications industry to design and market systems and products for the wireless, multimedia, mining and energy markets.

In the Information and Telecommunication division the flagship product is inWiMAX, a turn-key 4G and WiMAX platform. Other products are new 4G and WiMAX networking devices, multimedia consumer products, and advanced communication appliances, communication systems designed for open pit mines and other, supporting devices to enable consumers, telecommunication operators and service providers to deploy multi-play communication networks in emerging markets.

African Minerals Trading Company (Pty) Ltd

AfriMinTra (Pty) Ltd is a commodity trader with a focus on providing solutions in the coal sector. The company provides logistics, customs and buys and sells coal on behalf of clients with a bias towards the import and export coal markets with a focus on East Asian clients. The company is a 50-50 joint venture with Ntwasahlobo Holdings.

Tungsten Energy South Sudan Company Limited

Tungsten is incorporated in the Republic of South Sudan and is the electricity generation, transmission and distribution partner for the Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan. The company is 55% owned by Leofortis Group. The company has presence in Nairobi, Kenya as well as Juba, South Sudan and Torit, South Sudan.

Tecnation (Pty) Ltd

The company is a tech start up in the broadband data sector. The company's vision is to provide fast, reliable and cost effective data packages to customers in the corporate, public sector and also for individual customers. We also have a vision of providing data packages to the previously disadvantaged and disenfranchised communities and bridge the technology gap as experienced by rural communities in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. The company is wholly owned by the Leofortis Group.